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Flintstone2020 on the front page of Journal of Applied Physics, the article is:
Mechanical properties of ultra-hard nanocrystalline cubic boron nitride
V.L. Solozhenko, V. Bushlya, and J. Zhou

Press release
B. Ehlen, K van den Bos, V. Bushlya

An inverse problem for retrieving time dependency of heat flux in metal cutting via linear programming
V.Kryzhanivskyy, O.Shupikov, V.Bushlya, O.Gutnichenko, M.Hörndahl, R.M’Saoubi, J.-E.Ståhl

Application of Colding tool life equation on the drilling fiber reinforcement polymers
A. Hrechuk, D. Johansson, V. Bushlya, L. Devin, J.-E. Ståhl

Assessment of Commonly used Tool Life Models in Metal Cutting
D. Johansson, S. Hägglund, V. Bushlya, J-E Ståhl

Boron monosulfide- Equation of state and pressure-induced phase transition
K.A. Cherednichenko, I.A. Kruglov, A.R. Oganov, Y. Le Godec, M. Mezouar, V.L. Solozhenko

Computational and Experimental Inverse Problem App and Experimental Inverse Problem Approach for Determination of Time Dependency of Heat Flux in Metal Cutting
V. Kryzhanivskyy, V. Bushlya, O. Gutnichenko, R. M’Saoubi, J. E. Ståhl

CPR a general Cost Performance Ratio in Manufacturing-A KPI for judgement of different technologies and development scenarios
C. Windmark, V. Bushlya, J.-E. Ståhl

Development of a simulation model to study tool loads in pcBN when machining AISI 316L
M. Agmell, V Bushlya, S. V. A. Laakso, A. Ahadi, J.-E. Ståhl

Equation of state of boron subarsenide B12As2 to 47 GPa
K.A. Cherednichenko, Y. Le Godec, V.L. Solozhenko

Equivalent Chip Thickness and its Influence on Tool Life
D. Johansson, R. Lindvall, M. Fröström, V. Bushlya, J.-E. Ståhl

Features of the Formation of Structure and Phase Composition in the Process of Reactive Sintering of Cubic Boron Nitride with Ti, Cr, V Compounds
K.V. Slipchenko, I.A. Petrusha, V.Z. Turkevich, V.M. Bushlya, J.-E.Ståhl

Heat flux in metal cutting- Experiment, model, and comparative analysis
V. Kryzhanivskyy, V. Bushlya, O. Gutnichenko, R. M’Saoubi, J.-E. Ståhl

Influence of GnP additive to vegetable oil on machining performance when MQL-assisted turning Alloy 718
O. Gutnichenko, V Bushlya, S Bihagen, Jan-Eric Ståhl

Influence of graphite nanoadditives to vegetable-based oil on machining performance when MQCL assisted hard turning
O. Gutnichenko, V. Bushlya, S. Bihagen, J.-E. Ståhl

Influence of oxygen on the tool wear in machining
V. Bushlya, F. Lenrick, J.-E. Ståhl, R. M’Saoubi

Influence of tool material and tool wear on tool temperature in hard turning reconstructed via inverse problem solution
V, Kryzhanivskyy, V. Bushlya, O. Gutnichenko, R. M’Saoubi, J.-E.  Ståhl

Investigation of the mechanical properties and cutting performance of cBN-based cutting tools with Cr3C2 binder phase
K. Slipchenko, I. Petrusha, V. Turkevich, J. Johansson, V. Bushlya, J.-E. Ståhl

Mechanical properties of superhard boron subnitride B13N2 
V.L. Solozhenko, V. Bushlya

On melting of boron subnitride B13N2 under pressure
V.L. Solozhenko, V.A. Mukhanov

Phase Diagram of the B–BN System at Pressures up to 24 GPa- Experimental Study and Thermodynamic Analysis
V.L. Solozhenko, V. Z. Turkevich

Project factsheet
Project fact sheet for EASME Raw Materials Sector

Selecting Cutting Data Tests for Cutting Data Modeling Using the Colding Tool Life Model
D. Johansson, V. Akujärvi, S. Hägglund, V. Bushlya, J.-E. Ståhl

Sensitivity of Colding tool life equation on the dimensions of experimental dataset
D. Johansson, S. Hägglund, V. Bushlya, J.-E. Ståhl

Structure and equation of state of tetragonal boron subnitride B50N2
K.A. Cherednichenko, V.L. Solozhenko

Superhard pcBN materials with chromium compounds as a binder
K. Slipchenko, V. Turkevich, I. Petrusha, V. Bushlya, J.-E. Ståhl

Superhard pcBN tool materials with Ti3SiC2 MAX-phase binder- Structure, properties, application
T. Kolabylina, V. Bushlya, I. Petrusha, D. Johansson, J.-E. Ståhl, V. Turkevich

The Influence of VC-Al Additive Content on Structure and Phase Composition of cBN Based Superhard Materials
K.V. Slipchenko, I. Petrusha, V. Turkevich, J. Johansson, V. Bushlya, J.-E.  Ståhl

Thermal expansion of boron subnitrides
K.A. Cherednichenko, L. Gigli, V.L. Solozhenko

Thermobaric sintering of cubic boron nitride in the presence of unstable iron and chromium nitrides
I.A. Petrusha, Yu.O. Melniichuk, V.M. Bushlya, N.M. Bilyavyna, O.S. Osipov, D.A. Stratiichuk, T.I. Smirnova, K.V. Slipchenko

Thermodynamic calculation of the phase diagram for the Al–B–C system at pressure 7.7 GPa
V.Z. Turkevich, D.A. Stratiichuk, D.V. Turkevich

Thermoelastic equation of state of boron subphosphide B12P2
V.L. Solozhenko, K.A. Cherednichenko, O.O. Kurakevych
Cornell University, 2016

WC-Co-Re cemented carbides- Structure, properties and potential
I. Konyashin, S. Farag, B. Ries, B. Roebuck