Photo impression of Stakeholders workshop “Next Generation Tooling 2019”

Below is a photo impression of the workshop that was held in Lund, Sweden.

Jan-Eric Ståhl opened the workshop introducing Boukje Ehlen.

Boukje Ehlen gave an overview of the FLINTSTONE2020 project.

“Multi-physics coupling in mechanical and thermal problems in manufacturing” by SIMTEC Jean-David Wheeler, Vincent Bruyère and Patrick Namy.


Rachid M’Saoubi, SECO Tools AB, presenting on “Infrared based temperature methods for tool temperature measurements”.

Maria Huffman, Laboratory Director of Lund Nano Lab,  “From Material synthesis and characterization to devices and applications at Lund Nano Lab: A brief overview”.

Daniel Johansson at Production and Materials Eng. Lund University, Preliminary topic “Modelling of tool performance in metal cutting and rock processing”

Christina Windmark, Researcher at Production and Materials Eng. Lund University, “Cate-Pro and Cost Performance Analyses in machining”

Workshop organisation was excellently done by Christina Windmark and Filip Lenrick.